How old must my child be to attend your programs?

Tarrant County Kids provides Before School, After School, and Adventure Camp services to children ages 4-12.

In the event that your child has a toileting accident we request you to send an extra pair of clothes in your child’s backpack in a sealed Ziploc bag labeled “After School Care”. If your child requires assistance, staff will assist only by providing cleaning materials and unbuttoning/buttoning of clothes as needed. If a child is unable to clean themselves properly on their own, does not have a change of clothes, or has multiple toileting accidents their parent or guardian will be called, and the child will be sent home.

Does my child have to attend the school to be enrolled in Before and/or After School Care?

Yes, during the school year children must attend the school where services are provided in order to be enrolled in our programs.

If you are enrolling for Adventure Camp, your child does NOT have to attend that location. Any child between the ages of 4-12 may be enrolled for Adventure Camp during the school year or summer.

Does your program offer tutoring services?

No, we do not tutor children. However, we provide them with about 30 minutes of homework each day to complete their assignments.

Do I have to enroll in person at the office?

Enrollments may be completed electronically and submitted to If your child attends Crouch, Farrell, Larson, Patrick, Remynse, Starrett, Williams, and West only the enrollment form must be notarized and include pictures of all authorized pick up people. Notary can be completed at our office via appointment only. Forms will not be accepted via mail, or at the program site.

What do I need to complete the enrollment process?
  • Complete doctor’s information including address and phone number. 
  • Current addresses and phone numbers for parents and emergency contacts. (A minimum of 3 contacts)
  • Current Arlington ISD lunch letter showing free or reduced lunch rate (if applicable) 
  • Current immunization and hearing & vision records. If your child’s records are on file at his/her current school, you must provide the name, address, and phone number of school. TB exams are not required by the City of Arlington or Tarrant County Health Department now; the TB exam record is not required.   
  • Current photographs of every authorized pick-up person (Crouch, Farrell, Larson, Patrick, Remynse, Starrett, Williams, and West only). 
  • Notarized enrollment forms (Crouch, Farrell, Larson, Patrick, Remynse, Starrett, Williams, and West only).  For your convenience, forms can be notarized at our administrative office.
  • Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan is necessary for any child with a medically diagnosed food allergy.  The form must be signed by the parent and physician.  
  • For all other special care needs, we require a written statement of your child’s special care needs to include, but not limited to, food/other allergies, existing illness, previous serious illness/injuries, hospitalizations within the last 12 months, behavioral/emotional issues, and any medications prescribed for continuous, long-term use. 
I’m enrolling my child as a drop-in, do I have to pay the first week’s tuition?

Yes, at the time of enrollment the first week’s tuition, enrollment fee, and any past due balance must be paid with your enrollment forms.

What methods of payment are accepted and where do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. We DO NOT accept cash at any of our locations. Payments can only be made online or at the administrative office. Staff will not accept any form of payment at the childcare sites.